Spotlight: Q&A with Ian Chan, CEO & Founder, Abpro

About Abpro Abpro is an integrated life science company focused on industrial biochemistry. Through its DiversImmune™ platform, Abpro leverages synthetic biology and immunology to create novel biomolecules for use in research, diagnostics, animal health and therapeutics. Abpro’s platform has been validated by major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic labs around the world. What was your inspiration [...]

September 6th, 2016|

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Q&A – The Big3Bio Interview with Barbara Nelsen

Nelsen Biomedical is a life sciences consulting firm specializing in strategic development for companies with innovative technologies, involved in emerging industries, and focused on expanding markets. Founded in 2011 by Barbara Nelsen, Ph.D., Nelsen Biomedical harnesses the energy, leadership and entrepreneurship of to Minneapolis, Boston and Chicago life sciences communities to drive strategic growth for [...]

April 25th, 2016|

Innovation Spotlight: RaNA Therapeutics with Ron Renaud, CEO

Intro from Danny Levine/RARECast: "RaNA Therapeutics is pursuing treatments for rare diseases, such as spinal muscular atrophy and Friedreich’s Ataxia, with a new therapeutic approach that targets a previously unexplored druggable space. We spoke to Ron Renaud, CEO of RaNA, about his company’s effort to selectively upgregulate genes as a way to treat [...]

April 18th, 2016|

Spotlight: Charles River Massachusetts to Open

Charles River Massachusetts will open in January 2016. This 450,000 square foot facility increases capacity for PK services, non-GLP toxicology, GLP toxicology and small molecule bioanalysis, with plans to add services each year. Conveniently located just outside of Boston in Shrewsbury, the facility provides Cambridge-area clients direct access to their studies. From website: "As a [...]

December 1st, 2015|

PAIN Q&A – The Big3Bio Interview and Event Preview

Hydra Biosciences, a Cambridge company leading the field in Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) ion channel modulation for pain, inflammation, renal disease, anxiety and pulmonary disease, is hosting a panel discussion entitled “PAIN: a conversation.” Taking place at The Liberty Hotel in Boston from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22, the event will [...]

October 13th, 2015|