Latest Startup From Harvard’s Springer Gets $51.5M

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Latest Startup From Harvard’s Springer Gets $51.5M

From press release:

“Morphic Therapeutic, a biotechnology company developing a new generation of oral integrin drugs, announced today that it has completed a $51.5 million Series A financing to advance multiple programs into the clinic. The round was co-led by SR One and Pfizer Venture Investments, joined by Omega Funds and AbbVie Ventures. They join founding investors Polaris Partners, T.A. Springer and Schrödinger, Inc., along with ShangPharma Investment Group.

Morphic Therapeutic was founded to translate advances from the laboratory of Timothy A. Springer, Ph.D., the Latham Family Professor at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, into new therapies for immunological, fibrotic, neoplastic and vascular diseases. Springer’s initial discovery of integrins in the 1980s fueled the first generation of integrin targeted R&D. Six injectable integrin therapies are approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, plaque psoriasis, acute coronary syndrome and complications during percutaneous coronary intervention. However, many other attempts to develop oral integrin therapies have faced multiple challenges. Morphic is leveraging recent discoveries from Springer’s lab that may overcome these challenges to enable the development of small molecule integrin inhibitors.”

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